Post Event Comments

Remember that PowerPoint that Peggy and Barbara stayed up until 2 am to put together? Here it is… comments from the World Cafe contributed by all those who attended the World Cafe…


From New Jersey State Librarian Norma Blake’s Blog, Blake’s Blog….
The Mid-Atlantic Library Futures Conference was a spectacular success. More than 360 of your colleagues attended and were fascinated by Ray Kurzweil’s vision of the future. Mary Catherine Bateson spoke about our extended life expectancy and the role libraries can play in providing resources to our aging population.

One of the people who attended this event, Phil Bowermaster, is a futurist based in Denver, Colorado. The planning committee used questions that Phil developed to promote discussion at the “World Cafe.” One of the questions was “If you live to be 100, what will be the biggest difference between the world you were born into and the world you leave?” Phil fully participated in our conference and helped to facilitate discussion. The following is a video he developed.